1. Sugafoot says:

    how can i get this dvd in NY

  2. Dans says:

    this group already had a lot of reasons, and to a widespread culture of hiphop dance telling the truth to be a style that many songs are there to dance with dance super style

  3. Jair Santos says:

    it would like to get the DVD on HOUSE DANCES

  4. Danskursu says:

    I say that there is a real dance dance

  5. hiphop says:

    very good sites

  6. thanks very good sites

  7. Sean Graham says:

    The words said were delivered so elequantly you can’t help but hear the truth, even if you are an ignorant man. Your words will echo into action people…


    Sean Graham (UK)

  8. sikiş says:

    I could list the tracks, but you’ll just have to trust me on this one

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