Major Contributors in House Dance


  • Shannon “Which Way” Sha – Master of the craft. One of the first to reach back into the music and find the art of jacking and how it informs all other house movement
  • Tone McGregor – Starting from skating and jacking, innovated and expanded upon the styles expressions
  • Brian Footwork Green – Clearly evident and well contrasted with a variety of informed style elements of house dance

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  • Caleaf Sellers – One of the few who can effectively use the movements strength and depth to string together heavily effective steps
  • Tony Sekou – Disciplined, weighty movement that clearly shows the focus and feeling of each step
  • Shannon “Which Way” Sha – projects energy through each step with the most complete transfer of weight and intension
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  • Shan S – the ninja assassin well versed on all of the arts, can use the motion to accentuate musicality and personality like non other


  • Brian “Footwork” Green – smooth body work with a tremendous ability to transfer through space and rhythm
  • Shannon “Which Way” Sha – can manipulate the body’s internal energy to travel the dance in any and all directions
  • Marjory Smarth – with subtlety and beauty, she moves though transitions while remaining funky as funky gets


  • Shan S – as if on air, all movements from the vast library of house dance and music are at his disposal. All done, effortlessly
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  • Brian “Footwork” Green – with an extensive background in dance, he contextualizes the most complex notions of the dance in a well delivered attack
  • Brooklyn Terry – intensely clear attitude and aptitude, lines are crisp, sharp and dangerous
  • Kahim – One of the originals of the smooth style we see today
  • Frankie – As many came to see house dance, the became well aquanted with the smooth stylings of Frankie


  • compare the best online pharmacies to buy amoxicillin . order generic amoxil with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Conrad Rochester – a legend among men, he possess the ideas, the physicality, the intense flow and understanding of the sages
  • Ejoe Wilson – a man who know no boundaries, finds soft spaces in the hows and whys of the music
  • “Quick” – the Truth. True masculine energy rooted deep in the soil of the dance, of the heart, and of the culture

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  1. As a real living “Lofter” and original club dancer (see my work in CYBATD posted on my website) I get a little offended when two people who I respect are listed under “lofting” if thats the case then I should be mentioned because I’m the “Lofter” they danced the most with. If we want accuracy in the House movement we need to have a more accurate recital of club history. Several of the actual loft members are still active and dancing I happen to be one of them. It seems that unfortunately there are instances of people making up history that they are not part of. That doesn’t mean they haven’t been influenced by our style’s, but at 48 I’m one of the youngest of that era. So allot of peoples math doesn’t add up. The unfortunate side effect of teaching classes and battling is that allot of the healing energy of spontaneous dance has been lost. The ability to meld with the music has been obscured by a focus on technique that the music is secondary too, rather than the inspiration of the movement in my opinion. At the Loft while it existed our culture was passed down. I feel for the tree of house to branch out further we need a clearer picture of the deeper roots.

  2. Steven Mewa says:

    Interesting site. But the Lofting section is questionable. I go way back with The Loft and many of the best dancers from those days are pretty old now. But a few still get loose. Your ‘lofters’ seem to me like some new version. Somewhat watered down. I’m also kinda lost on this classifation…’Lofting’.

  3. ChinoThree JuSoong says:

    Need to dig deeper & go pre-1982 to show love & respect for the earlier dancers on this site.

    I’m opened to help offer insights.


  4. Arthur Taube says:

    I’m sorry. I’m doing a research about the roots of house and it’s evolution to what it is today.

    The fact is that it’s hard to find information about Lofting (the dance) and the creators and “major contributors” as well as The Loft (the club) itself. I believe that the section where it says Lofting, listing the major contributors is about what lofting is for house dancers today – not like backdays. Some movements, feeling and groove remain the same, but it’s kind a new school lofting, mixing together lots of techniques, vocabulary, styles and different cultures (like capoeira – as a brazilian i see a lot of it in House dance) to make what the House Dance floorwork looks like today, and using the name lofting is a form of giving props to it’s contribution to the development of house dance.

    As well as Jackin’ (the real dance), for what i’ve read, probably it wasn’t like it is now in backdays, eh?!
    Maybe it’s a bullshit what i’m saying, so i’m sorry, but it’s what it looks like to me.
    If anybody wants to contribute with information about Lofting and Jackin’ from backdays i would aprecciate a lot. Respect for the real Lofters and House Dancers.


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